“Education is the great engine of personal development.”

« Education is the great engine of personal development… It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” Nelson Mandela, 1994.

Traduction de l’image: « L’éducation est le grand moteur du développement personnel. Il est possible que la fille d’un paysan devienne médecin, que le fils d’un ouvrier devienne le chef de la mine, qu’un enfant d’ouvrier agricole devienne président d’un grande nation. C’est ce que nous faisons de ce que nous avons, et non ce qui nous est donné, qui sépare une personne d’une autre. » Nelson Mandela



Be Happy!

Your Happiness is a treasure that needs to be constantly protected. 

Be happy!
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Maybe you wake up every morning with the willingness to be happy but little things always steal your joy away. I say to you: Don’t let them. 

Constantly declare throughout the day: Nothing today will take away my Joy, my Peace, and my Happiness. 😊❤️😘

Traduction: Ne laisse pas les petites choses voler ton bonheur.



Be kind to others!

Kindness can heal wounds that medicine can’t heal. So today and every day, never miss the chance when you see someone to say hello, to smile, to hug, to shake hands, to encourage, to listen, etc . 

Together, we are healing the world!❤️

 #healing  #Compassion



Traduction: “Un geste gentil peut toucher une plaie que seule la compassion peut guérir.” Steve Maraboli

“The goal of life is to die with memories, not dreams.”

Live your life to the fullest. Live your dreams. Use your talents. Do not hold anything back. Give away all you got. The more you empty yourself, the more you’ll receive. 

Traduction de l’image: “Le but c’est de mourir avec des souvenirs, pas des rêves.”



Hakuna Matata

« Hakuna Matata » Means no worries in swahili(East African language). 

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It is a good reminder that we must work hard and do all we can but then, let the natural process take place. 

Worrying doesn’t change the outcome. But, it can surely impact our health and take away our happiness.

Traduction de l’image: « Ne t’inquiète de rien. »



“ Dream big and dare to fail.”

The fear of trying is generally due to the fear of failing. 

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However, almost all successful people have failed at least once before they have become successful. A good example would be Thomas Edison, a well-known innovator known for electric light bulb.  He made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before he resulted in the design that worked.

Traduction de l’image: « Rêver en grand et oser échouer. » Norman Vaughan



People change, the World doesn’t!

“The World is changing” is a phrase that I hear a lot. But, I think that people have changed. The beliefs and level of commitment in moral values and principles have changed. 

The sun still rises in the East and Sunset is still in the West. We still have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in some places and in others, we have dry and rainy seasons. 

What is right is still right, and what is wrong is still wrong. True Love is still true love.

Tre truth is still the truth. It cannot be bent, it cannot be twisted. The truth never changes and we know it, deep in our hearts.❤️

People change. The World doesn’t.